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M!As: Send Me Some!

  1. Baby: Muse is pregnant and due in ____. (Father specified by anon)
  2. Sight: Muse is blind for ___
  3. Hearing: Muse is deaf for ___
  4. Ariel: Muse doesn't have a tongue for ___
  5. Memory: Muse cannot remember anything for ___
  6. Injury: Muse will be injured somehow (anon decides severity and injury) for ____
  7. Fear: Muse will be terrified by something or someone (anon specifies who) for ___
  8. Gemini: Muse will split into two different versions of themself for ___
  9. Basket: Muse finds a baby in a basket and has to take care of it for ___
  10. Love: Muse will be in love with (Anon decides) for 2 days
  11. Cloak: Muse will be Invisible if wearing a special Clothing (Anon decides) for 3 Hours
  12. Cough: Muse will be ill for 14 Hours
  13. Remember: Muse will suffer Memory Loss for 4 Days
  14. Gas: Muse will have hallucinogenic imaginary sights for one day.
  15. Beer: Muse will talk like a Drunk and hit on everybody, lasts 3 Hours
  16. Host: Muse will be a Gentleman/Lady for 34 Hours
  17. Age: Muse will be a Kid for 10 Hours
  18. Feels: Muse will be obsessed with an event or something that will cause them to express related emotions (Anon decides)
  19. Phobia: Muse is terribly afraid of something or someone (Anon specifies)
  20. Lurk: Muse will follow ______(Anon can specify who or what)
  21. Answer: Muse will have to answer anything that is asked of him/her truthfully, lasts 4 hours
  22. Noise: Muse will say everything they think, lasts for a day
  23. Sick: Muse will be sick with a unique flu for (Anon decides. Anon may also specify flu symptoms, they can even be really odd, different from Cough curse.)
  24. Command: Muse has to take commands by the next _______ people in their ask (Anon specifies)
  25. Obsession: Muse will be obsessed with ______ (Anon specifies) for the next 12 hours.
  26. Reverse: Muse's personality will be extremely opposite for (Anon decides)
  27. Extremist: Muse becomes an extremist for (Anon specifies and decides for how long)
  28. Class: Muse will believe they are a high-class prostitute for (Anon decides)
  29. Switch: Muse has to switch bodies with (Anon decides, but muns have to agree) for (Anon decides how long)
  30. Power: Muse gains _______ (Anon specifies) as a power for 17 hours
  31. Confess: Muse has to confess something they think of or feel toward anyone they speak to each time they speak to them for the next 5 hours
  32. Enemy: Muse takes the appearance of someone they hate for 16 hours
  33. Slave: Muse becomes a maid or butler to _______ (Anon decides) for 24 hours
  34. Dream: Muse is able to trespass in the dreams and nightmares of others for 48 hours
  35. Impression: Muse thinks they are a ______ (Anon pick an animal) for 15 hours
  36. Gone: Muse loses _____ (Mun decides something or someone important) for 16 hours
  37. Kiss: Muse wants to kiss everyone in their inbox for the next hour
  38. Stalk: Muse thinks they are being stalked for (Anon decides)
  39. Nightmare: Muse is plagued with horrific images and scenes both in sleeping and in waking for 3 days
  40. Paranoia: Muse becomes extremely paranoid about (Anon specifies what and for how long)
  41. Infatuation: Muse becomes /madly/ in love with the next person they see on their dashboard for 4 days
  42. Hallucination: Muse sees things for (Anon decides)
  43. Alarm: Muse keeps hearing an alarm go off but cannot figure out where for the next 18 hours
  44. AU: Muse is stuck in an Alternate Universe with little recollection of their own universe for a whole week
  45. Craving: Muse will have an unusual craving for (Anon specifies) for 9 hours
  46. Mother: Muse suspects everyone has insulted their mother for 4 hours
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i b,elieve the italy is pastaaaaaaluvr and germany is ask-aphgermany ?!

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Every week we have a meal together. Even if we’re not in the same place. Famiglia is important. Nonno taught us that.

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(Pictures of me and friends from this weekend)

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Hi there!

ooc: I am leaving Thursday night (today) and wont be back until Sunday night at Sakuracon. I will bring back pictures and also that means I will not be posting much (besides tonight for possibly pics with Katie (ask-aphgermany). Bye! Have a great weekend everyone!

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My Sakuracon line up

Friday: Cafe Spain

 Masquerade: North Italy in a dress 

Saturday: Northern Italy

Sunday: Karkat 

If anyone would like to say hi and hang out at all, I will be glad to meet you.

Hetalia: Axis Powers - Feliciano Vargas